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Association of European Researchers in Brazil

The Association of European researchers in Brazil was created in early January 2022. The Association initially aims to provide a forum where European researchers working in Brazil can get together, self-organise, and discuss how to improve their collaboration with – and representativeness of – the European Research Area. More:
Register in this list to become a member of the Association. We will contact you ASAP, will put you in contact with your peers and send you the information about the Association's activities.

|n the near future, we plan to expand our activities to the European scientific communities in other Latin American and the Caribbean countries. That’s why we already start this mapping exercise beyond Brazil.

Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to working with you!

Who is invited to fill in this form?
Researchers in any field of knowledge, innovators, administrative or technical staff working in Brazil or in any Latin American or Caribbean country, either permanently or on a short-term basis, or frequently visiting the region for research purposes, holding at least one European nationality, and interested in networking with researchers with a similar profile.

Feel free to join if you are European descendant or bi-national and do not forget to explain your situation in the comments.


“EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion” is a European Commission initiative focused on researcher mobility and career development and aimed at strengthening scientific collaboration between Europe and the rest of the world.
EURAXESS Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
One of the objectives of EURAXESS Latin America and the Caribbean is to help European researchers living and working in Latin America and Caribbean countries to establish contact with one another and to remain in contact with Europe. The network is also open to all researchers in order to stimulate scientific cooperation between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean and reinforce Europe as an outstanding research location.
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